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Peace floats from my hand

From 2011 through today Peace Series

Welcome to my art room for the Peace series!

Peace has been one of the subjects within art for many years starting in 2011.


In my artwork, I tend select subjects that are emotive and conceptual at times. The subject of visualizing the subject, peace, was intriguing to me in 2011 and continues to be the subject of many sketches and paintings today. My sketchbooks are full of ideas for the Peace series. I have many paintings and drawings to create for this series!

About the Peace series

For the Peace series, my inspiration can be described this way. There are many types of peace that can be experienced ranging from superficial to deep and soulful. It is a common human experience to seek out peace and attempt to hold on to it. These painting explore peace and what happens as we experience it, seek it, lose it, gain it, etc.

(photo: "Peace floats from my hand", detail, acrylic on panel, 6 x 6 inches, Peace series)

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Peace series Depicting Peace

The shapes in my paintings are often biomorphic, abstract shapes. The Peace series has many biomorphic shapes from living organisms including plants, flowers, leaves, fruits, vegetables, fur, feathers, eyes, hands, microscopic lifeforms, forests, jungles, water, fire, earth biomes, and forms we see beyond earth. I commonly view my composition as a landscape or environment containing biomorphic shapes.

This drawing is ink on a wonderful thick watercolor paper. It's absolutely amazing to work on such fine paper. This drawing originated in a sketchbook, and it was further refined into this drawing. Sometimes a rough sketch has more potential than it first seems.

(photo: "Growing peace", ink on paper, 5 x 4 inches, Peace series)

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Talking about shapes... The onion

This shape here is affectionately referred to as the onion.

A bit of humor is always helpful!

Beyond the shapes and composition, the emotional subject is my goal, and in this case the subject is the way in which peace grows and spreads. Sometimes chaos is ruling in life, and perhaps a bit of peace seems to be there growing in life as well. Peace is growing indeed but it grows very slowly at times. However, having some peace within the chaos gives us ground on which to stand.

Under every watchful eyes, we see peace growing slowly.

(photo: "Peace grows slowly while I watch", acrylic on panel, 6 x 6 inches, Peace series)

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Peace in action

Compositions Inspiration for artworks

The natural world

Inspiration for my artwork comes from nature. There are so many forms that are wonderfully simple or uncomprehendingly complex, and these amazing parts of the natural world are a constant source of inspiration. This painting has some obvious inspiration from birds.

(photo: "Peace in action", acrylic on panel, 20 x 16 inches, Peace series)

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Peace still lights the way and so we sing

Still searching Looking for peace

The natural world

In many of my paintings, there will be previous layers of brush strokes that show through. This is very intentional since I have a tendency to want as much texture as is possible and reasonable. The underlying brushstrokes can be seen on this painting. Abstract Expressionism and Impressionism is big influence on my work today.

The ongoing experimenting with subjects and the physical materials has been a driving force for this series. There is so much to say about peace in today's world, so my work on the Peace series continues today.

(photo: "Peace still lights the way and so we sing", acrylic on panel, 12 x 12 inches, Peace series)

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